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Concentrate, which activates the vital forces of your body.

A unique formula unparalleled anywhere in the world.

Vertera Miracle is the "elixir of life", which daily restores the body at all levels

It has been developed for those who want

Look younger without going to the cosmetician

Improve skin, hair and stature condition
It has been developed for those who want

Make immunity resistant to any challenges

It has been developed for those who want

Feel refreshed like on a holiday

To start perfectly sleep yourself out every day
It has been developed for those who want

Be active without energy drinks

Work more effectively and do more things
It has been developed for those who want

Increase sexual activity and revitalize relationships

It has been developed for those who want

Always be in high spirits

Get rid of depression and anxiety
Watch one-minute video and find out how Vertera Miracle will improve your physical and mental state

Vertera Miracle activates 3 of the most important body systems that regulate human homeostasis

Vertera Miracle daily supplies the body with necessary nutrient and detox-components, due to which the harmony of all systems is maintained.
The human organism is able to cope with stresses by itself, recover after illnesses and withstand the negative effects of external factors. This ability for dynamic balance is laid by nature and is called homeostasis.
This is a revolutionary composition - all ingredients enhance each other's action
Chelated form and unique combination of the composition components ensure maximum absorption and efficiency of the product.
Its antioxidant effect is 500 times higher than that of green tea, 550 times higher- than that of vitamin E and 6,000 times higher than that of vitamin C!
Protects cells against adverse factors: smoking, UV radiation, improper nutrition, alcohol and bad ecology.
Формура Астаксантина
The most powerful from antioxidants
Contains non-essential and essential amino acids: taurine, omega-3, omega-6
Strengthens immunity, helps at high burdens.
Natural botanical component derived from algae
Protects skeleton and bones, improves sports results and helps in case of overweight.
72 useful microelements
Detoxifies and prevents the appearance of allergies.
Natural antioxidant Dozens times more powerful than its analogues - vitamins B, C, beta-carotene
improves mood and reduces anxiety.
Natural immunostimulant
Dihydroquercetin enhances the arabinogalactan effect by several times
Arabinogalactan - prebiotic
Purifies the organism from harmful substances, slows down aging.
Taking Vertera Miracle drops is simple
1 ml up to 3 times a day

Dilution it in any liquid is recommended

1 phial - full course for 30 days

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Efficiency, quality
and safety of Vertera Miracle are confirmed by research, certification and long-term experience in the development and production of health products

Vertera Miracle is the embodiment of Vertera's long-term experience

Our own production, laboratory, research and development facilities
13 years of scientific development experience
Vertera products have been certified
in the European Union

We control the quality at all stages: from the formulation and selection of raw materials to the production of the finished product.